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Melamine Faced Particle

Melamine Faced Particle boards

Our Melamine Faced panels enhance their resistanceto scratches, moisture and chemicals, ultimately the luxuries look of the Furniture. Ideal material for furniture applications ranging from residential interiors to office interiors & commercial establishment for display racks etc, responding to every design needs.
Can be illustrated as follow; the melamine-impregnated paper has been pressed by Short Cycle Hot press onto the particle board or MDF, which are mainly used in knock-down furniture industry, for examples; kitchen cabinet, DIY furniture Wardrobes, home solution interiors, partition wall and the use is endless.
  1. 1. Cheaper than HPL
  2. 2. Durable to scratches and crashes.
  3. 3. Easy-to-use, can be cut into pieces without any complicated process.
  4. 4. It will not peel off like others materials upon glue expired.
  5. 5. Cost effective and time saving in execution of Projects