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Particle Board

Particle Board

Particle Board is a composite material made from Plantation wood chip

Chips will be forming to sheet in 3 layer structure through the pressure and the adhesive resin. The fine chips are scattered for forming the top and bottom layers. Chips with an appropriate large size will be used in producing the Core Layer.


4*8 ft., 6*8 ft



Main thickness (mm)

9mm, 11mm, 17mm, 18mm, & 25mm

( other thickness are upon request)


E2, E1,HMR-E2.


(European Norm) : The particle board is categorized into 6 type based on strength and withstanding of environmental surrounding.


(Japanese Industrial Standard): The particle boards are categorized depending on bending value, glue type and emission value.


(California Air Resources Board) : The formaldehyde emissions are categorized depending on type of wood panel plus.